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My first novel published

My first novel published in Jan 2010.


Eric Hoffer Award

Cold Winter's Kill was selected as a 2010 Eric Hoffer finalist. Loose Ends Kill was a 2011 finalist.

Welcome to my book web site and the thrilling adventures of Jim West, the main character in five of my published mystery/thrillers, and Clint Smith, my newest protagonist introduced in my newest book, The Attack.  Don't worry West will once again star in a future book. Stay tuned!

I was extremely fortunate to have had many fascinating experiences as an Air Force criminal investigator and counterintelligence officer. During my career, I was able to do a lot of traveling and worked with a number of different police and security agencies. Although my books are strictly fiction and not based on any actual people or investigations, my real life experiences did help in filling my head with numerous plots and character ideas.

Since retiring from the Air Force, I have written five books in the Jim West series. My goal was to do five, if possible, and then to regroup.  Although my newest book is not part of the series, I imagine we'll see more of Jim West in the future.  After all it was the Jim West series that helped me win the Military Writers Society of America's Author of the Year Award for 2013. 

I have also written two fantasy adventure novellas in my Enchanted Coin series for middle grade readers and have co-authored a light hearted mystery with three other authors.

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